Sky Fragrance Oil

Sky Fragrance Oil

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Sky is the perfect fragrance made just for spring. Smell the sweet aroma of honeysuckle, amber and a host of other amazing fresh scents wraped into one big cloud. Bloom like a flower and reach for the heavens with sky by your side.

* With every sky purchase you will receive a free lipgloss from Juicy Amour in the blue raspberry flavor.

Fragrance Notes: 

grapefruit, lemon, peach blossom, water lily, cassis, cucumber, and cyclamen, middle notes of lily of the valley, olive blossom, nectarine, and jasmine, with a woody, musky, vanilla base note, amber, and honeysuckle.

Handmade from natural essential oils.

Amber glass 10ml bottle in blue with a gold top.

* Protects essential oils against harmful UV rays.

* Bottle made of corrosion resistant glass.

* Women's only fragrance